The institution has its own hostel facility. There is  one Boys hostel and one Girls hostel. Apart from this one more Girls hostel is under construction.

S. No. Hostel Name Designation Phone Number
1. Boys Sh. Hans Raj Sr. Lect. Arch. Asst. (OIC) 9418168820
Sh. Ishan Thakur Sr. Lect. Elec. (Warden) 9418046918
Sh. Manoj Sharma Hostel Supdt. 9418576256
2. Girls Smt. Vijay Laxmi Lect. English (OIC) 9459825730
Smt. Komal Chaudhary Lect. Computer Engg. (Warden) 8988165411
Smt. Kusum Kumari Hostel Supdt. 9418065069