Vision of the Department

Be a centre of excellence to produce Mechanical Engineers having competence in addressing the needs of stake holders on the continual improvement basis with a deep commitment to serve the society and nation.

Mission of the Department

Mission 1 To impart Quality education to meet the needs of professions & society, and achieve excellence in teaching-learning.
Mission 2 To facilitate effective interaction among faculty, students, alumni, industries & other stake-holders.
Mission 3 To impart ethical values & leadership qualities in students for transforming them into good human beings
Mission 4 To offer continuing education programs for the in-service personnel to update their knowledge and skills for the welfare of the society and their respective departments.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) 
1.   Ability to identify, analyze, formulate & solve different challenges of Mechanical Engineering problems.
2.    Ability to develop professional skills that prepare them for immediate employment or for higher study in Mechanical Engineering disciplines.
3.    To develop abilities in the application of necessary latest equipments, scientific basics, fundamental knowledge of Mechanical Engineering.

4.   To prepare the students for lifelong learning & successful careers in Mechanical Engineering and to develop ability of students to communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

5.   To develop an understanding of the multidisciplinary approach & an ability to relate engineering issues to broader social & human context.