Idea Lab


Idea lab is  a virtual lab  which is intended to be set up at every campus to pool the  ideas of students and test their feasibility .The Idea Lab would extend and go beyond the academic campuses and collectively could be  the Nation’s Idea Lab with a main purpose .The main purpose of establishing idea lab is to:

Provide a platform for the students to develop their ideas which can further be excuted  with the right prespective.The students can share their ideas with their mentors who can provide the prerequisite skills and knowledge that will help them validate and assess their ideas.  

Start -Up Policy  -Establishing of Idea Lab

‘Start-up India’ programme is intended to build a robust eco-system for nurturing innovation and start-ups which will in turn drive sustainable economic growth and generate large scale employment opportunities.This policy emphasizes the much-desired need for an appropriate start-up policy topropel the youth of India through and beyond the 21st century.

It emphasizes the need for a forward-looking, coherent, systematic and comprehensive approach to design and implement the ‘Start-up India Programme’by AICTE approved Institutions and aims to create  100,000 technology based student start-ups and a million employment opportunities within the next 10 years.

In order to meet the objectives of the initiative, Government of India announced the Action Plan that addresses all aspects of the Startup ecosystem on 16th January 2016. With this Action Plan the Government hopes to accelerate spreading of the Startup movement. The Action Plan is based on the following three pillars:

* Simplification and Handholding

* Funding Support and Incentives

* Industry-Academia Partnership and Incubation

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