Vision of the Department

To be a centre of excellence in the fieldof Electrical Engineering by providing highly competent professionals as per need of  global  market.

Mission of the Department:

Mission 1

Provide sound technical foundation in Electrical Engineering through comprehensive curriculum and application oriented learning.

Mission 2

Provide ambience for professional growth and lifelong learning for adapting to challenges in rapidly changing technology.


Inculcate social and ethical values.


Nurture interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills so as to develop leadership qualities in information industry’s diverse culture.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) :
1.   Ability to identify, analyse  , formulate  and  solve  different  electrical engineering  problems.
2.    To develop professional skills   amongst students to  prepare  them  for gaining employment in reputed organisation or  self-employment.
3.    To develop abilities in  the  application  of  the  necessary   scientific  basics, fundamental  knowledge and tools/techniques  of  electrical engineering.
4.    To prepare graduates   forlifelonglearning   to have successful careers as Electrical Engineers.
5.    To develop multi-disciplinary  approach and  to  relate   engineering  issues  to   solve broader  social  and  human  context problems.
6.    Ability   to   communicate effectively with stakeholders.